Thursday, December 30, 2010

Side lined

If you keep up with me on Facebook, you know about this already.

I had to take a sudden leave of absence from the exercise/ running life.

I Biffed! HARD! Ate Asphalt. I don't recommend it.
I didn't want to run this perticular morning. Partly because it was 6AM, it is always 6 AM when I run. I didn't have any motivating factor to keep up the routine, except the awesome ladies I run with, and if I let myself talk myself out of going, it would only be that much easier the next time. Also that morning the alarm went off and I as wondering why I needed to get up. Totally blocked running from the brain, this is not normal. I went running.

Did I tell you how awesome the ladies I run with are? They are fantastic!
I was the slowest runner in the group that day, but since we weren't training, nobody minded taking an easy. Good thing too, I was running in front (somehow) and then I felt no road beneath me, ankle turned, I knew it was BAD! I screamed before I hit the road with my Knee, and both hands, and did an awesome roll. Everyone saw it. I wish I had video.Val, Me, Monica, Maigan, Andrea, Emily (my nurse on the side of the road), Nita (our leader), Janette
After assessing my wounds and my growing ankle, I knew I wasn't moving... well I was moved out of the road that I rolled into (Thanks Janette!). 6 ladies stood by me while I was in shock waiting for 2 runners to get there car. It felt like forever. They talked to me, and help me keep it together. I can tell you it didn't hurt very bad, I was just ANGRY!!!! Very mad. Very MAD.

Some people passed offering help. Then this car pulled over. I sorta knew the car, I knew the hair of the driver. I declared, "I'm going with her!" "help me up." Just then the 2 runners pulled up with there cars (Thanks Val and Janette) although I didn't go with them, I do apologize, but the other car was a Blessing!

Lynne Moore. She is Fantastic. She lives in my neighbor hood. She goes to my church. Not only that, she is our Stake YW Pres, so with Camp I work very closely with her. AND her Husband is our Home Teacher. I was more than willing to go with her. I called Max from her cell, because no one runs with cell phones, too bulky, and no, I still will not run with a cell phone. I never run alone anyway.Lynne on the far Left.

I get home, right before kids get up for school. Max gets me set up in the kitchen to ice my ankle, and start digging rocks out of my knee and Hands. As soon as I am alone, I lose it. uncontrollable sobbing. My poor kids walk into a kitchen where mom is bleeding and bawling with an ankle the size of a grapefruit. Remember, I'm ANGRY.The next day


After finding out I pulled tendon/ligaments, and ripped a piece of bone off my ankle, and am side lined for 6-8 weeks. I work through the anger, and learn how to let people help me. Learn that I will heal, and how nice it is to have a working body and mind. I learn that exercise really does help keep my figure firm, and that I'm hungrier when I exercise. I learn that I'm older and it takes my body a lot longer to heal than it use to.

This really was an "OK" time to be side lined. It was after my race, and nothing is coming up till the spring.

I did some things here at there within the past 6 weeks of my injury, but It still bothers me. I guess it really will take those 6-8 weeks. I walked with Max today, 4 miles. I made him slow down on the last 2. I want to run again, but I am gun shy, and it will take some getting use to.
6 weeks. Still a bit larger, but feeling better.

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