Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stevie Weavie

Keaton and Stephen

My Boy is turning 12!! This is a HUGE event in our lives. It means he survived life for 12 years. Also at church he is Ordained to be a Deacon, and he gets to participate in the older boys activities that also meet with the ... GIRLS... hehe.

He was such a fun baby, and HUGE. Always smiling

He coined key phrases :
Plug Out (plug in)
Bangle Butter (Cream cheese)
Water House (imagine hardwood floors with a 1/2 inch of water on it)
Puzzle Man (Humpty Dumpty )

Wrote some magnificent poetry:

Homework is a Complete Waste of Time, by Stephen

Stephen was born while Max worked full time and at school full time. So when Max came home Stephen sat right on his lap and watched Daddy play V-games.

Man of Many names:
Steve Steve
Stevie Weavie
My Boy
Last Place
Moth Boy

Oh how I love him and his great sense of Humor. Happy Birthday Handsome!!