Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jacqueline Alta

My Jacque turned 8 on December 11th!

She was a very hard baby. We tell her this all the time. She spent the first year of her life being held by me, Max or Aunt Heidi. If she wasn't being held, She was screaming. Not just a cry, but a ear splitting, around the world hearing, Shriek! Good thing she was cute. She had Dark curly hair, and lots of it.Photo by: Hearthbound Photography

After a year she was fun loving and super super sweet! She is the kindest child. I call her the glue to our family. She pulls our family together like no one else can. She is smart and just gets life and all it has to offer.

She is still emotional, and holds everything in until she gets home. But she has learned to keep things in balance (she is smart).

She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She Loves him so much and they have something special together.

Being 8 she has chosen to be Baptized a member of our Church. We baptize at 8 because until now, they are not accountable for there actions. But now they have learned and make decision for themselves. She shared her day with her cousin Joey, who is 3 days younger. This is a very special day for them. Both were baptized by there Father's.

I could not picture my life without this little, strong girl. Happy Birthday Jac - a - Smack, Curlytop -Squawks- a -lot! My life is better with you in it!

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