Wednesday, February 23, 2011

17 Years

It's been a long and really short 17 years!

17 1/2 years ago I went to my first ever single's activity through our church. I was 18, only going because I was asked to. We played a frightening game of volleyball. When I say frighting I mean I was scared for my life and face. I'm not a big fan of this game!!

While at this activity, I saw this young, cute guy, who had a group of girls swarming around him. I knew he had to of been at least 21, but he didn't look it. I watched him that night, and didn't think too much about it. But I got the impression that he was going to be my best friend, but my brain was telling me, PLAYER!!

Max in Korea on his Mission

About a month later, we met in the hall at church. He remembered my name (if you know Max that is a HUGE deal). With the help of my mom, who was standing next to me, we set up a date.

Our first date lasted about.... 8 hours. Two days later was our second, and we've seen each other every day since(almost)!

4 beautiful babies later, and a LOT of growing experiences we are still in Love. He truly is my bestest friend in the whole world! Such a great man, he makes me laugh, and helps me to embrace the life I have.Our anniversary day. I wanted to take pictures too.

I love you Forever!!